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Get to know our artists better by exploring a selection of their recent projects

N.B. the following works are independent of the DNA Festival 

5 Haiku after Fukuda Chiyo-Ni

- Ben Finlay

The Pansori Project  
- Christi Park

"Pansori is a form of musical storytelling, otherwise known as ‘Korean Opera’ or ‘Korean Epic Chant’, where one singer interweaves harmony with a drum and the audience.


The singer tells a very long story, following the beats of the drum and combines elements of song, narration, and gestures, becoming all the characters of the story, including the narrator.


Essentially for the singer, the whole body from head to toe becomes the instrument. With the desire to replicate the sound and expression of an original Pansori singer, I am pursuing performing a reconstruction of the Story of Shim Cheong on Baroque violin for my Project.


Shimcheongga is one of the most mournful and tragic stories among the five remaining in Korean Epic Chant. It is a tale of a girl named Shim Cheong and her transformative filial piety to her blind father. She sacrifices herself so that her father can regain his eyesight.


I believe that this story is one of the best stories to connect anyone to Pansori. It portrays almost every kind of lament and sorrow one can experience in their life. Tears of sadness, grief, sorrow, loss, even happiness and joy." - Christi Park

"Written in April 2020, 5 Haiku is a setting of works by the Japanese poet Fukuda Chiyo-ni (1703-1775), one of the most important women in pre-modern Japanese literature. 

I brought together five texts, each of which represent separate seasons (the four seasons and new year). The goal was to present the human fear of and subservience to nature. 

The cello writing seeks to blend the sound of Japanese instruments such as the nokhan and shakuhachi with inspiration from composers such as Kaija Saariaho.

The video was filmed on a walk in Grassington, Yorkshire Dales and later edited to closely fit the music" - Ben Finlay 

For more information about the project visit

- Milana Sarukhanyan

"KievStreetOpera is an experimental project with the aim of finding new possibilities to continue live performances.


After experiencing the complications of running  live performances indoors under Covid restrictions of musicians started busking on the streets. The street performance is an outdoor event which allowes people to keep safe distance. 

Our idea was to find new formes of live performance according to the space demands for such a monumental musical genre as Opera. 

We hope to put the series of DNA recitals on the streets of London in the summer 2021." - Milana Sarukhanyan   


A registered UK non-profit organisation (Co No. 13424867)

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