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We are a team of young artists who are continuing to do what we are passionate about despite the current global situation!

Each of us here is either a student or recent graduate at the beginning of our careers, and we are keen to start performing again.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us all that without taking care of our well-being and mental health, life can be unbearable.


In many ways, the Arts have kept the world moving and have given people like you and me an opportunity to have a break from constant anxieties about health or the future, 24-hour news, problems at work, family struggles or grief...

The list goes on!

#helpmusicflow-so mental health can grow 

is a fundraiser which has been created to help 'DNA Music Festival' where we are raising money for:

  • Sound and Video equipment to record the best quality video recitals  

  • Payment for composers’ and performers’ work

For more details, please visit the fundraiser profile '#helpmusicflow-so mental health can grow’ on

Become a part of DNA Music Family

Witness the flow of new music created by a new generation of young musicians

 Support the future of the Music Industry in the UK


A registered UK non-profit organisation (Co No. 13424867)

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